Where Can You Purchase a Tankless Bosch Water Heater?


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As of 2015, Bosch tankless water heaters can be purchased on the websites for W.W. Grainger and Pro Water Heater Supply. Both retailers offer several models that vary based on fuel type and British thermal unit capacity.

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W.W. Grainger sells Bosch tankless water heaters fueled by gas and propane. Bosch tankless water heaters sold by W.W. Grainger vary in capacity from 74,900 BTUs to 199,000 BTUs. Pro Water Heater Supply sells three models of Bosch tankless water heaters. Two models are fueled by liquid propane, and the other is fueled by natural gas. Models sold by Pro Water Heater Supply vary in capacity from 120,000 to 199,000 BTUs.

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