Where Can You Purchase SpeedyDry?

Where Can You Purchase SpeedyDry?

SpeedyDry may be purchased through a number of distributors such as Prisco, Unisource or Bay Press Services. Customers may also purchase SpeedyDry from its international sales office via telephone or facsimile.

As of 2015, the telephone and fax numbers for the SpeedyDry international sales office are located online via the official website. SpeedyDry states that orders received before 2 p.m. will be shipped the same day.

Prisco sells SpeedyDry in 16-ounce squeeze bottles, six-packs of 16-ounce bottles and gallon jugs with a pump top. Prisco products must be ordered through a local distributor. The Prisco website has a tool for users to search for distributor locations by zip code. Prisco also has distributors located internationally.

BayPressServices.com has SpeedyDry available for online purchase at a price of $79.95 for two pounds, or $210.00 for six pounds. Unisource Worldwide, Inc. allows customers to purchase items online, through a personal account representative or at a Unisource PaperPlus Store.

SpeedyDry is an ink drier which reduces the drying time of offset and duplicator inks by up to 75 percent. The reduction in drying time allows projects to completed faster, which increases a printing company's productivity as well as customer satisfaction. SpeedyDry must be stored upside down.