Where Can You Purchase a Side by Side Double Oven?


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Appliance retailers, such as Sears Outlet, sell side by side double ovens both online and in store. Appliance websites, such as AJ Madison and US Appliance, are other outlets for a range of double ovens. Brand websites, such as Kenmore, feature their own models.

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Shoppers wishing to check out a side by side double oven in person should start with appliance stores, such as Sears. They can talk to sales staff and view the ovens on display. Sales staff can usually order other models if they do not have them in stock.

Appliance websites, such as AJ Madison and US Appliance, offer a wide variety of models. The websites typically feature a full description of the double ovens, including dimensions and features. Sometimes user reviews are also available.

For customers considering a specific brand of double oven, that brand's website is the best source. For instance, Kenmore has over 100 double ovens for sale on its website. Each oven comes with user reviews. In 2015, the prices range from $325 to over $2,225. Many of the ovens are discounted, and both delivery and pickup are free.

Double side by side ovens are designed for simultaneously baking dishes at different temperatures. They come in free standing models and in wall mount varieties. Several colors and finishes are also available.

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