Where Can You Purchase a Rocket Wood Burning Stove?


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Rocketstove.org has factory built wood burning rocket stoves available for purchase. The EcoZoom Plancha rocket stove can be purchased for the price of $399.99 as of 2015, and it can be shipped directly to the buyers home. This stove offers an easy solution for cooking without gas or electricity.

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Wood burning rocket stoves are an extremely efficient way of being able to cook meals "off the grid." Because they only use wood and don't require any electric or gas connections, rocket stoves are one of the most popular alternative choices. The EcoZoom Plancha model has two chambers, each with its own metal door that allows for easy control of airflow.

In addition to providing links to purchase a wood burning rocket stove, Rocketstove.org provides information for building a rocket stove. People have been building rocket stoves for centuries using simple tools and supplies that are readily available. Rocketstove.org provides instructions for creating three different models of rocket stoves, depending on a person's particular needs or desires. Some are meant for indoor use, while some models don't have the necessary ventilation and need to be used outdoors. Whether purchasing a factory made model or designing a home made creation, rocket stoves are an efficient and eco-friendly way of preparing hot meals.

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