Where Can You Purchase Replacement Parts for a Whirlpool Gold Dishwasher?


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Whirlpool sells replacement parts from its replacement parts website, WhirlpoolPartsOnline.com. Customers can also connect to the Whirlpool Parts website from the Support and Service link on the Whirlpool website. All parts sold on the Whirlpool Parts website are factory certified.

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The Whirlpool Parts website has a search field in the top right corner that allows customers to shop for specific parts by searching for parts related to their dishwasher model number, which can be found inside the dishwasher along the rim. When customers enter their model number in the field and click the arrow to search, all of the parts available for that specific model appear. Customers looking for a specific part can enter the part number instead of the dishwasher model number into the search field. This way, the website only displays the exact part that is needed.

Customers can also click on the Dishwasher link to shop by category. However, this displays parts for all Whirlpool dishwasher models. The Whirlpool Parts website has a live chat feature to help customers find the parts that they need to order. Customers can also call Whirlpool at (877) 486-2371 to get help finding the dishwasher parts they need or troubleshooting their problems.

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