Where Can You Purchase Replacement Parts for Universal Heaters?


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Replacement parts for Universal heaters can be purchased online through retailers such as Space Heater Parts, Parts For and H-Mac Systems. The Space Heater website carries an inventory of over 50 Universal heater replacement parts including thermocouples, thermostats, transformers and motors, as of March 2015.

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Parts For stocks over 400 Universal heater parts that range in price from $1.90 for a high temperature wire assembly, to $230 for a Universal heater transformer. The replacement parts inventory is organized by part number. The website provides customers with a flat rate shipping fee of $7.95.

H-Mac Systems stocks replacement parts for Universal high intensity, patio, portable and tube heaters. The websites inventory for Universal high intensity heaters is made up of over 100 parts that range in price from $52 for a Universal heater main burner electrode, to $198 for a Universal direct spark circuit board. The 77 parts that compose the Universal patio heater inventory are priced between $29 for a plastic inlet cap and $150 for a Universal internal burner assembly.

The 27 Universal portable heater replacement parts range in price between $30 for a Universal heater rod and $125 for a portable heater rayhead assembly. The replacement parts in the Universal tube heater category cost between $30 for a heater conduit and $1,475 for a Universal heater pump.

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