Where Can You Purchase Replacement Parts for a Rival Crock-Pot?

can-purchase-replacement-parts-rival-crock-pot Credit: GeorgePeters/E+/Getty Images

Due to the popularity of Rival Crock-Pots, as of 2015, many of the replacement parts can be found at reasonable prices from sites such as Amazon.com and eBay. Many of the most commonly replaced parts can be swapped out from a used model.

For new parts, the online store Marbeck Appliance Parts (marbeck.com) offers an extensive variety for different models. The average price range is around $8, as of 2015. Marbeck offers a complete replacement lid and crock-liner kit that costs around $40.

Replacing parts for Rival Crock-Pots is typically a project completed at home in regard to locating a similar model and using it for the necessary replacement parts, then rebuilding the initial model. There are individual knobs and lids available through Amazon.com and eBay at prices under the $10 range, as of 2015. For most repairs, it may be more economical to order a gently used model, which can generally be found for under $20.

The most common parts that are found in replacement shops are knobs, lids and hinges, as of 2015. All of these items can easily be repaired by simply swapping them out with a used Crock-Pot. The general nature of the internal mechanisms makes replacing electrical parts typically a matter of complete product replacement.