Where Can You Purchase a Reliance Hot Water Tank?

Where Can You Purchase a Reliance Hot Water Tank?

Amazon.com, Ace Hardware and True Value Hardware stores sell Reliance tank water heaters. Tank heaters heat water and maintain it at the desired temperature until the user opens a tap. Reliance offers tanks in a variety of styles.

Most homes in the United States use tank water heaters ranging from 30 to 50 gallons. Reliance offers electric, natural gas and LP gas models in these standard sizes, and Amazon.com offers a 6-gallon under-the-counter model for serving a single fixture.

One of the options available through Reliance is the self-cleaning water heater. These units automatically remove the scale buildup through their self-cleaning cycle, eliminating the need for annual flushing of the tank.

If space is limited, the tabletop model could be an answer. The design of this water heater allows it to slide into an opening in the counters or next to the laundry appliances. It provides a durable enamel finish tabletop to extend the counter space while providing a 40-gallon hot water tank. This model is about the same size as a washing machine.

Reliance also manufactures tankless water heaters. These devices eliminate the hot water storage tank. They have no heat loss due to standby time but heat water on demand each time a tap is open.