Where Can You Purchase New CO2 Cartridges for a SodaStream?


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New CO2 cartridges for a SodaStream are available online at the Target.com or Amazon.com websites. Customers with empty SodaStream CO2 cartridges can also exchange them for new cartridges at an authorized SodaStream retailer, at the gas only price.

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A listing of authorized Sodastream retailers is available on the company website, under the Where To Buy link. Customers with empty cartridges can search by zip code to find the nearest retailer and obtain replacement cartridges at the gas only price.

Alternatively, the SodaStream 60L C02 Full Exchange Carbonator is available through the Amazon.com and Target.com websites at the full retail price. The carbonator cartridges add CO2 to water, making beverages fizzy.

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