Where Can You Purchase a Moulinex Meat Grinder?

Moulinex meat grinders can be purchased online from auction sites such as eBay, discount retailers such as Amazon and specialty sites such as Meat Grinder Pro. The Moulinex site also contains a tool to locate dealers, though as of March 2015, it does not sell products in the United States.

Listings for Moulinex meat grinders on Amazon contain a picture of the item and a description of its available features and functions. Listings also contain detailed customer reviews of products written by Amazon site users. Each review consists of a quantitative satisfaction ranking, represented by one to five stars, and a qualitative written account of the users experience with the product. Users are not required to purchase the item in order to write the review. Amazon also displays other items that users may wish to purchase in conjunction with the current item, based on analyzed customer behavior and sales records.

Listings on eBay do not contain product reviews due to the nature of the site and its user base. Users are able to rate each seller through a comprehensive feedback system. After initiating a transaction with a seller, users can rate the experience and provide tips for other users when purchasing from that buyer.