Where Can You Purchase a Miniature Heater?


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Miniature heaters are available from a variety of major retailers such as Walmart, Best Buy, Target and Amazon.com. For economic and practical reasons, most miniature space heaters run on electricity. Although lower-priced models can offer benefits, they are less durable and more prone to mechanical problems.

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Many major heater manufacturers make a variety of miniature heaters, such as Dyson, Lasko, Vornado and Holmes. Though they are in the higher end of the price range, Durabrand heaters are particularly well-reviewed.

Miniature space heaters are designed to heat a specific room or area. Heaters of this type are rated by the room size they are capable of heating. The smallest miniature heaters are known as personal heaters and are not intended to heat entire rooms. Instead, they are designed to heat the personal space of one person.

Generally, miniature space heaters are divided into two broad categories: radiant heaters and convective heaters. Convective heaters are mainly intended for well-insulated indoor areas and work by heating the air in an enclosed space. In turn, this air heats objects and people in the space. Radiant heaters do not heat the air but directly heat objects. Thus, radiant heaters are suited for heating poorly insulated rooms or outdoor spaces.

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