Where Can You Purchase a Maytag Refrigerator?

Maytag refrigerators can be purchased at the Home Depot, Sears, Lowe's, Best Buy and other local appliance stores, as of 2015. The website for Maytag appliances provides a search tool for consumers to locate nearby stores that sell such products.

The Home Depot offers more than a dozen models of Maytag refrigerators, varying in price, style and color. In addition to selling many models at physical locations, the refrigerators are also available for purchase on the Home Depot website. For many models, home delivery is available, along with other deals on shipping. The Home Depot website lists the specifications for different models, a comparison tool, customer reviews and ratings, and a live chat feature to assist shoppers.

Lowe's offers Maytag refrigerators in different styles, including French door, side-by-side, bottom freezer, top freezer and undercounter refrigerators. Lowe's also offers a 10-year limited warranty for Maytag refrigerators, as of 2015. Products ordered from the Lowe's website may be eligible for free delivery, 12-month financing, rebates and discounts.

In addition to selling Maytag refrigerators, Sears sells replacement parts for many different models of Maytag refrigerators. Replacement parts sold include those for the water filter, ice system, panels and doors, knobs, buttons, lighting, bins and other accessories and main components.