Where Can You Purchase a Living Pure Heater?


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Living Pure heaters can be purchased online from mass retailers such as Amazon as well as through local classifieds sites such as Craiglist. The availability of items sold through classifieds sites varies based on region and time of year.

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Listings for Living Pure heaters on Amazon contain pictures of the product, a detailed description of the model's features and function, customer reviews and a question and answer section. All customer reviews are comprised of a quantitative satisfaction rating in the form of a one to five star ranking and a qualitative written account of the customer's experience with the product. Users are able to rate the helpfulness of each review, with the highest rated positive and negative reviews being featured at the top of the review section. The question and answer forum is unique to each listing and allows site users to pose questions to the Amazon community about specific scenarios and details not covered in the product description.

Craigslist does not feature any customer reviews in its listings because each review is unique to the seller. The site also does not feature any seller ratings as it does not require sellers to create an account in order to post, as of March 2015.

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