Where Can You Purchase Kroil?

Where Can You Purchase Kroil?

Kroil is available for purchase through the manufacturer's website, KanoLabs.com, as of July 2015. The site provides an online order form and a phone number for phone orders. Other sites that offer the product include Brownells.com, MidwayUSA.com and Amazon.com.

Visitors to the KanoLabs.com home page should click on Order Direct to order online. After reading the terms of sale agreement, they should click on Accept to Proceed. The order page lists all the company's Kroil products, with the price listed next to the product. New items have red text and an icon that says "New." Each product has a quantity box next to it, where the customer can enter a quantity of that product for his order.

After selecting his products, the customer enters shipping information, including the recipient's name, address, email address and phone number. He enters his payment information, and clicks on Submit Order to complete his order.

KanoLabs.com also offers a free trial of Kroil and a money back guarantee. It has multiple versions of Kroil, including graphite and silicone variations.

Kroil is a penetrating lubricant used for breaking bonds from rust, corrosion or other causes. Depending on the surface and the bond, Kroil can take minutes or days to work.