Where Can You Purchase Insta Hot Water Heaters?


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Plumbing supply houses, including Keller Supply and Consolidated Supply sell Waterstone Insta-Hot water heaters. Hardware stores such as Chown Hardware are another option. These units provide up to 1/2 gallon of water heated to temperatures between 140 and 190 degrees Fahrenheit for instant coffee, tea and sink cleaning.

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The hot water tank mounts in the cabinet under the sink and tap into the potable water supply. They include an additional tap that installs next to the normal tap. An electric heating element heats the water and maintains it at the set temperature. The under sink system has a rapid recovery time to continue providing additional hot water throughout the day.

Consumers install these systems in their homes and in office break rooms. The units provide steaming hot water while eliminating the need for a kettle or stove. The device saves time by providing hot water with the turn of a handle.

Waterstone includes a leak detector with these systems. While the solderless tank decreases the chances of a leak, if the system detects a moisture problem, it automatically shuts off the water to prevent a flooded kitchen. Each unit also includes a pressure relief valve to prevent damage to the system if the water in the tank overheats.

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