Where Can You Purchase Good Used Washer/dryer Combos?


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The best place to purchase a good used washer-dryer combo is online through sites like Ebay.com, Craigslist.org and ApplianceExchange.com. Buying a used washer-dryer unit online, however, can mean paying exorbitant shipping costs. Flea markets and yard sales are both good, local alternatives.

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ApplianceExchange.com is an free online classified advertisement page similar to Craigslist.org that is entirely devoted to selling household appliances. The site has used washer-dryer combos advertised for sale all over the nation, so finding an affordable unit close to home may not be as difficult as finding one using Ebay.com or Craigslist.org would be.

Ebay.com, like ApplianceExchange.com, has lots of listings from across the U.S., though a number of the units sold on the site are either new, or used but fairly expensive. Because Craigslist.org is a locally oriented site, finding a good used washer-dryer combo unit on it may take longer than it would take to find one on Ebay.com, but it keeps shipping payments minimal. Check site updates daily to be sure not to miss the perfect unit.

Yard sales and flea markets also occasionally sell good used washer-dryer combos. This is a sure way to avoiding shipping costs, but finding a suitable unit is certain to take much longer than it would by searching online.

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