Where Can I Purchase Glass Domes?

Where Can I Purchase Glass Domes?

Glass domes are available at craft stores, through online retailers, at garden centers and at stores that specialize in home decor. Some art supply stores also carry them, especially those that sell glass-blowing equipment or supplies for stained-glass projects.

Unique vintage glass domes often appear at rummage sales and estate auctions. They also appear in thrift stores, where they are stocked near the small appliances and home decor items.

Glass domes have many uses. Large, handled domes make excellent covers for cake stands and pie plates. Clear domes are especially useful because they keep insects and pets at bay while displaying the tantalizing contents to eager diners. The domes also make beautiful centerpieces when placed over a platter of fresh fruit or flowers.

Transparent glass domes are popular among collectors of small, fragile items, such as vintage dolls, seashells and mineral specimens. The domes keep their contents free of dust, pollen and bugs without reducing their visibility.

Many glass dome decorating ideas also work well with cloche jars. These bell-shaped glass jars have knob handles and are available in many sizes. Some have a flat base, while others sit on a glass pedestal. Footed cloche jars are convenient for displaying assortments of small decorative items, such as glittered faux fruit, colored sand and colored glass beads.