Where Can You Purchase a Ginsu Electric Fillet Knife?


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The Ginsu American Angler Electric Fillet Knife is available online from several retailers including Amazon, Sears, and Newegg. In addition, the knife can be purchased in store from Sears.

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When buying a fillet knife online, be sure to check the reviews and product ratings. Many electric knives can be purchased for very low prices, however these products often have shorter operational life times than may be expected.

A fillet knife is a very thin knife, approximately 6 to 11 inches long, used to cut fillets or large boneless slices of meet. Filleting is often performed on multiple animals at a time, a powered knife is desirable to reduce the exhaustion of the person filleting the animal. An electric fillet knife is a knife with a motorized blade that assists in the removal of the fillet from the bone of the animal.

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