Where Can You Purchase a General Electric Toaster Oven?


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Brand new GE toaster ovens can be purchased exclusively at local Walmart stores, as of 2015. The oven can cook a small chicken or gaming hen with convection cooking. The small GE appliance can be set to broil, bake or rotisserie.

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Three dials control the toaster oven. One dial sets temperatures between 150 and 450 degrees Fahrenheit. A second one switches between five functions including warm, toast, bake, rotisserie and broil. The oven can handle up to five pounds of meat for roasting, including a whole chicken. The third dial sets the cooking time between one and 60 minutes.

Different settings make the oven function in various ways. Users turn the oven on and off by moving the timer dial away from the off position. A wire rack bifurcates the cooking space to allow for up to six slices of toast, while a bell rings to indicate the oven has completed the toasting process. Accessories that come with the toaster include a rotisserie spit and kabob skewers. The convection fan works automatically during the bake setting. The broil setting alternates heating the oven with upper and lower heating elements to maintain the maximum possible temperature in the oven.

GE also has four-slice and two-slice bread toasters that are available through Walmart stores as well. Sometimes, these products are also available through Walmart.com to be shipped to a store. GE sells more than 20 small appliances exclusively at the national retailer.

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