Where Can You Purchase Firewood in Maryland?


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Purchase firewood in Maryland from any of the licensed forest product operators in the state. To find an operator in your county, visit the online portal of the Department of Natural Resources, select Trees, click Forest Product Operator and search the list on that page for a local dealer.

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The Annotated Code of Maryland requires any person selling forest products to have a license issued by the state's Department of Natural Resources. This requirement includes sawmill owners and firewood dealers. The Department of Natural Resources maintains a list of all approved firewood dealers on its website. The list includes the physical address and telephone number of each dealer. Visitors to the site can use the list as a directory by searching for firewood dealers by county, company name or license number.

Maryland’s Department of Natural Resources advises people to only purchase firewood from licensed dealers. Some of the licensed firewood dealers in Baltimore County include Bay Area Services, Covington Tree Experts, Short Cutter`s Inc. and Wood Masters. Contact any of the dealers in your county to make arrangements for the purchase and delivery of your firewood of choice. Should a dispute arise regarding the volume of wood delivered, contact the Department of Agriculture for assistance.

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