Where Can You Purchase an Empyre Wood Furnace?


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Empyre wood-burning furnaces can be purchased online from specialty home supply stores such as eComfort.com as well as from auction sites such as eBay. Some models of Empyre wood furnaces can also be purchased from the Empyre Stove website.

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Listings on the eComfort.com site contain both a picture of the product as well as a description of the product that includes both a general overview and a detailed breakdown of specific features. Listings also feature pricing and shipping details, along with customer ratings for each product.

The quality and amount of information included in listings on eBay vary from seller to seller, as the site places no minimum requirements or guidelines on content. While some sellers intentionally leave of details to hide issues with the product, many sellers simply do not include as much information as is available with no deliberate ill intent. In order to tell the difference between a questionable seller and a dependable one, users can read through a seller's ratings. These ratings are comprised of feedback provided by past customers and typically include any overly negative or positive experiences. If a seller has a history of posting deceitful listings and attempting to scam buyers, his feedback will say as much.

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