Where Can You Purchase a Dexter Washer?

Where Can You Purchase a Dexter Washer?

The official Dexter Laundry website guides customers to local Dexter distributors. Gold Coin Laundry Equipment and eBay also have a selection of Dexter washers for sale.

The Dexter Laundry website offers detailed information on all Dexter products. In addition to the distributor locator feature, this website offers service videos, warranty information and contact supports. Users can look up Dexter parts and troubleshooting options.

Gold Coin Laundry Equipment is an authorized Dexter Laundry distributor and features coin operated and on-premise Dexter washers. Users must fill out a form to request a price quote, and then Gold Coin Laundry Equipment provides local distributor information.

EBay.com has new and used Dexter washers and washer parts for sale. Some of the parts qualify for free shipping, as of 2015. Vintage Dexter washer manuals and pamphlets are also sold on eBay.

Dexter Laundry has been an employee-owned company for over 100 years. It offers a complete line of commercial quality washers, dryers and management systems. All Dexter products are manufactured and assembled within the United States. This company offers lifetime technical support, supplies excellent warranties and continuously reinvests money into improving the laundry experience. Dexter Laundry products are sold by authorized dealers in over 40 countries.