Where Can You Purchase Descaling Tablets for a Bosch Tassimo Machine?


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Descaling tablets for a Tassimo machine are available directly from Bosch at the company's official website. The descaling tablets purchased through Bosch are the recommended descalers for all Tassimo machines.

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The descaling tablets sold for Tassimo machines can be used for both kettles and coffee machines. Descaling a Tassimo machine improves the lifespan of the appliance and helps to boost performance by removing the deposits that hard water leaves behind. The company recommends that customers descale coffee machines on a regular basis.

Owners of Tassimo machines can descale the unit by removing the filter, holder and cartridge, removing the water tank and placing the descaling tablets and water back into the appliance. The service T Disc should be placed in the brewer with the bar code down, and a 17-ounce cup or larger should be placed in the cup area. Owners begin the descaling process by pressing the start button for three seconds. The process takes approximately 20 minutes, and when complete, the stand-by button should flash. Machine owners should run plain water through the system at least once following the descaling process to thoroughly clean the appliance. The filter, if present, should only be placed back into the machine following the rinsing mode.

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