Where Can You Purchase a Chambers Wall Oven?


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As of 2014, it can be difficult to find people that sell Chambers ovens and ranges because the Chambers range was discontinued over half a century ago. However, it may be possible to find individual third-party sellers on eBay or classified sites that are looking to sell Chambers wall ovens.

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As of 2015, eBay has a sellers page that is dedicated to Chambers ovens. The group of sellers on this page sell a combination of vintage Chambers ovens, accessories and parts associated with these ovens. In addition, shipping options are variable on these ovens, with some only offering local pickup while others offer freight shipping.

In addition, ChamberStoves.net, a site dedicated to Chambers ranges, recommends a site called The StoveList. The StoveList is a classifieds site where individuals can buy and sell stoves, ovens and parts. However, this recommendation was last updated as of 2008, and inventory on the site is subject to fluctuation based on the individual sellers.

One of the challenges of finding Chambers wall ovens is that parts are no longer made to maintain them. According to Reviewed.com, John Jowers of AntiqueAppliances.com states that when parts fail on classic ovens like Chambers wall ovens, the entire appliance must be replaced because replacement parts are not available. Belgrove Appliance uses the example of a 24-inch Chambers double wall oven as a discontinued appliance that should be replaced with two newer single wall ovens.

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