How Can You Purchase Bulk Champagne Glasses?


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Bulk champagne glasses may be purchased online from retailers and wholesalers. Splendids.com, Koyal Wholesale and TheTipsyGrape.com all offer bulk pricing on champagne glasses when ordering from their websites.

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With so many elements involved in putting together a large celebration, sometimes settling on details, such as the perfect style of champagne glasses, can be challenging and time consuming. However, knowledge of the various types of glasses may help make the selection process a little easier.

Champagne flutes are meant to showcase the complexity and richness of sparkling wine, according to Wayfair. They are the most popular type of champagne glass. Flutes are generally taller and have a narrower bowl. The narrow opening allows the carbonation to remain in the glass longer and helps the wine fall onto the tip of the tongue, which serves to maximize flavor. A coupe champagne glass has more of a V shape and a short, wide bowl. Wines that work best with this shape of glass are asti, prosecco, sparkling wine and cava.

When planning a large celebration, it's important to plan enough glassware for the entire gathering. If there is a concern that there won't be enough of one type of glassware, Wayfair suggests mixing and matching glasses.

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