Where Can You Purchase Bathroom Exhaust Fans?


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Bathroom exhaust fans are available from Lowe's, True Value Hardware Stores and Amazon.com. These fans help to reduce odors and moisture from the bathroom. They are available as a fan only, fan and light, or fan, light and heater combination.

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With the wide variety of options, homeowners are often uncertain how to choose the right fan for their needs. In bathrooms under 100 square feet in area, the vent should move 1 cubic foot of air per minute for every square foot, according to HGTV. In larger bathrooms, homeowners should follow the same rule, but add 50 cubic feet per minute for each toilet, shower or shower-tub combination. If the room has a whirlpool tub, homeowners should add another 100 cubic feet per minute.

Installing a bathroom fan without a duct to take the moisture outside the attic just moves the problem from one area to another. The additional moisture in the dark attic provides a breeding ground for mold and mildew. Exhausting to the outside through a duct helps to eliminate this issue.

A bathroom fan properly sized for a large bathroom with several fixtures removes a lot of heat from the home. One solution is choosing a fan with a heat exchanger. These fans use the warm air exiting the bathroom to heat the incoming air that replaces it to help save on energy costs.

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