Where Can I Purchase an Armstrong Air Conditioner?

Where Can I Purchase an Armstrong Air Conditioner?

Armstrong air conditioners are only available from heating and cooling professionals. For a list of local Armstrong dealers, visit the company's website and search by ZIP code.

Armstrong offers several energy-efficient outdoor air conditioners for central heating and cooling systems. As of 2015, three models are ENERGY STAR certified. Armstrong air-conditioning units are distinguished by their energy-efficiency rating and compressor. Armstrong backs its air conditioners with a 10-year limited warranty on parts.

The company offers air-conditioning units with single-stage and two-stage compressors. Two-stage compressors are more expensive, but they provide more effective cooling during extreme temperatures. To improve energy efficiency, the two-stage compressors only utilize the first stage during milder conditions.

Armstrong units feature a heat transfer system with proprietary MHT Technology, in which a fan pulls air evenly over the coils that have fins to increase the surface area. Both of these features provide improved heat transfer and better energy efficiency.

Armstrong also provides protection for the compressor. Most models feature low- and high-pressure switches. If the refrigerant exceeds safe levels, the high-pressure switch is triggered and turns off the unit. In case of low refrigerant levels, the low-pressure switch is triggered and prevents the air conditioner from drawing in moisture and other harmful particles.