How Can You Find and Purchase Antique Horse-Drawn Sleighs?


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Antique horse-drawn sleighs are available at eBay or Hansen Wheel and Wagon Shop, as of 2015. Both retailers have sleighs for restoration available, or it is possible to find sleighs with restorations in place.

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When searching for antique horse-drawn sleighs on eBay, there are several models and accessories available. Some of these sleighs are ready to use immediately, but others require restorations before they work properly. Many sellers on eBay display a buy price for these sleighs, but some also accept offers from potential buyers. Since these sleighs are large, shipping costs may be high, so seeking out a sleigh near the buyer's ZIP code is often the best option. This allows the buyer to pick up the item without having to pay shipping costs.

Hansen Wheel and Wagon shop has antique horse-drawn sleighs available in a number of different styles and price points. The company also offers restoration services. In addition, the company can custom make a new sleigh that has the attributes of an antique sleigh. When buying a horse-drawn sleigh from this retailer, the item comes to the buyer via truck freight or, for smaller items, through the postal service. The shipping costs for these items depends on their size, shape and weight.

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