Where Can You Purchase an Antique Hand-Crank Ice Cream Maker?


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Antique hand-crank ice cream makers can be purchased online from Antique Mystique and through eBay, as of March 2015. Individual antique parts for ice cream makers, including hand cranks, are also listed on eBay.

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Where Can You Purchase an Antique Hand-Crank Ice Cream Maker?
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Hand-crank ice cream makers were first developed for home use in the mid-19th century. The traditional crank ice cream freezer uses metal blades called dashers that are inserted into a cylinder filled with cream, flavorings and other ice cream ingredients. This assembly is placed into a bucket of rock salt, ice and water, and the dashers are turned by a hand crank to mix the ingredients as they freeze, preventing the formation of ice crystals. The result is a creamy, smooth ice cream that many people think tastes better when made from an antique ice cream maker.

Antique Mystique has one antique hand crank ice cream maker for sale on their website, a 12-inch bucket with the name "Alaska Freezer" on the attached cast-iron crank assembly.

EBay often has numerous antique hand-crank ice cream freezers listed. Some examples of listings that have been available include a Frost King 5-quart bucket ice cream maker; an RCW Dixie Belle 5-quart ice cream freezer maker; a GEM salesman sample ice cream freezer, maker and churn; and a White Mountain triple-action ice cream freezer maker.

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