How Can You Purchase Antique Cast-Iron Cook Stoves?


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To purchase an antique cast-iron cook stove, go to eBay or specialty websites such as Antiquecookstove.com or Stovehospital.com and narrow the selection by brand, configuration, size and price before finalizing the purchase price, payment terms and shipping details. Sellers may offer buyers free local pick-up or ship throughout the U.S. for an additional fee. Because of the size and weight of a cast-iron stove, shipping costs are typically a major consideration and add substantially to the total purchase price.

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Antique cast-iron cook stoves come in a wide variety of sizes and styles. Small pot-belly stoves were manufactured to evenly provide heat to a room, and may only have enough room on top to cook one or two small pots. Parlor stoves are slightly larger, about the size of a small fireplace, and typically feature two burners with removable lids. Large ranges are the size of modern stoves with a large enough cook top surface to hold several pots and pans, and may also feature a porcelain finish, ovens, warming shelves and water tanks.

Most antique stoves were made from 1790 to 1930. Manufacturers include Clarion, Glenwood, Crawford, Queen Atlantic and Glendale. These stoves were originally heated using firewood or coal, but today many consumers use manufactured wood pellets which burn more efficiently and cleanly. Some restorers convert these stoves to run on natural gas or electricity.

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