Where Can You Purchase Air Conditioning Grilles?


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Air conditioner grilles can be purchased through online retailers such as The Home Depot, Lowe's and Global Industrial. As of February 2015, The Home Depot carries over 1,000 air conditioner grilles that are priced between $2.73 and $309.

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The least expensive air conditioner grilles sold on The Home Depot website are the TruAire six by six inch steel, 1/3 inch fin spaced return air grilles, while the most expensive are the Architectural AG20 series six by 48 inch solid aluminum return air vent grilles. The Home Depot offers customers free to-home and to-store shipping on most of the air conditioner grilles sold on its website.

Lowe's sells over 140 air conditioner grilles from the Accord and Kings brands. The grille inventory includes filter, return and toe space grills. The prices for air conditioner grills sold through the Lowe's website range from $5.47 for an Accord two by 10 inch brown steel vertical louvered toe space grille, to $155.67 for an Accord 16 by 36 inch white steel horizontal louvered filter grille.

The Global Industrial website carries over 1,000 air conditioner grilles including return air filter, return air and architectural grilles. The air conditioner grille inventory is organized by brand name and includes Air Balance, AmeriFlow, American Louvre and Broilmaster brands.

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