Where Can You Purchase a 3-Ton Air Conditioner?


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A 3-ton air conditioner can be purchased online through The Home Depot, AC Wholesalers, Factory Furnace Outlet or Ingram's Water and Air Equipment. As of March 2015, The Home Depot sells a 3-ton Winchester quick connect air conditioning system for approximately $2,950. The system comes with a one-year limited warranty.

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The Winchester air conditioning unit is only sold online and the sales price does not include installation or permits. AC Wholesalers carries a 3-ton Goodmans heat pump air conditioning system that is priced at around $1,530. The sales price includes a Goodmans 3-ton air conditioning condenser and a 3-ton Goodmans air handler. AC Wholesaler also offers customers free shipping on orders over $40.

The Factory Furnace Outlet website sells the same Goodmans air conditioner as AC Wholesalers for about $870. However, the system sold by the Factory Furnace Outlet does not include the 3-ton air handler. The 3-ton unit sold through the website does come with a five-year condenser and limited parts warranty.

Ingram's Water and Air Equipment carries a TMGI mini ductless 3-ton air conditioning unit for $2,450. Customers who pay by check receive a $49 discount, and those customers who are a part of the company's PressPlay rewards system get an additional discount of just over $170. Ingram's Water and Air Equipment also offers free shipping.

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