How Can I Pull Wire Through a Conduit?

How Can I Pull Wire Through a Conduit?

To pull wire through an electrical conduit with an existing pull wire, make a loop in the pull wire, attach the new wire, and have an assistant pull the wires while you lubricate them. The supplies you need are a wire spool, tape, lubricant and a cable puller.

  1. Make a loop in the pull wire

    Examine the conduit, and choose a pull wire that is unconnected at the conduit opening. Make a small loop in the free end of the pull wire, and secure it with electrical tape.

  2. Attach the new wire

    Set the wire spool at the conduit opening, and thread several inches of wire through the loop in the pull wire. Bend the end of the new wire into a loop, and tape it around the pull wire loop. Lubricate the interlocking loops and several inches of the new wire. Make sure that the wire spool is directly in front of the conduit and that the wire unrolls easily when pulled.

  3. Pull and lubricate the wire

    Have your assistant slowly draw the pull wire through the conduit several inches at a time. When your assistant stops pulling, lubricate the section of wire about to enter the conduit. When the lubricated section of the wire reaches your assistant, use a cable puller to tug on the remaining wire.