How Can I Protect a Leather Sectional?


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Some ways to protect a leather sectional from damage include cleaning it regularly, using a leather protection cream and using a cover for the sectional. Choose one or more approaches to keep your leather sectional looking good.

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Since the leather on the sectional is prone to fading and cracking, one way to protect your sectional is to position it away from where it gets direct sunlight. Try not to place the furniture near windows where the sun shines through all day. Conditioning the leather twice a year helps to keep the material supple and prevents fading and cracking.

Leather scratches easily. Keep sharp objects away from the sectional. If you have dogs or cats that are allowed on your leather sectional, make sure your pets lay on blankets or other coverings when they are on the sectional. If scratches do occur, you need to repair them as soon as possible by buffing the surface with a soft cloth.

To clean the sectional, wipe it down every few weeks with a damp cloth. You can also use a vacuum to remove dust and debris from the crevices of the sectional. Harsh soaps can damage the leather, so they should be avoided.

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