How Can You Print Building Plans for Modern Small Houses?

How Can You Print Building Plans for Modern Small Houses?

There are websites, such as and The Plan Connection, that offer several styles of modern floor plans to print out. Users can search by design style, price range and square feet. After finding the wanted floor plan, it can be purchased and printed from the respective website. contains the largest database of premade housing plans and is designed for those seeking to either renovate or purchase a new home. Use the following instructions to find, purchase and print a house plan on the House Plans website.

  1. Choose the specifications
  2. Click and choose all the details wanted for the house plan, including size, number of bathrooms and square feet.

  3. Choose modern house plans
  4. Scroll down to the modern house plans link and click it.

  5. Choose the wanted plans
  6. Choose each plan and pay the amount required to have access to digital and printable copies.

House Plans offers its consumers an option to connect to an architectural firm that will build customized modern house plans.

Another website to consider is The Plan Connection, which houses thousands of modern house plan options. The interface is similar to that of the House Plans website and has the option to check off each individual option for the floor plan. Each plan can also be purchased.