Where Can You Find Prices for LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights?

Where Can You Find Prices for LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights?

National retailers such as Lowe's, Lamps Plus, Home Depot, Walmart and Amazon.com post prices of LED outdoor motion sensor lights on their websites, as of March 2015. Prices range from $14.99 up to several hundreds of dollars, depending on the brightness and number of lights.

Home Depot sells more than 250 LED outdoor security lights from its website while stock in stores varies. One of the least expensive models runs $14.99 for a single light. The most expensive item costs more than $700 for an industrial-sized flood light. Shipping to the store is free, and shipping to a customer's home is free for orders more than $45, as of 2015.

Lamps Plus touts nearly 150 outdoor security lights. The least expensive LED motion sensor light costs $39.95 for a small version. The most expensive industrial-sized light is $699.99. Outdoor security lighting has free shipping and free returns.

Amazon.com posts more than 850 motion sensor lights on its website. Prices range from $6.71 for small lights up to $550 for a single, bright light. Some LED lights on Amazon.com come packaged as sets for large-scale, industrial uses.

Lowe's sells several LED motion sensor lights, and in-store stocks vary. The least expensive is $49.98, and the most expensive costs $150.45, as of March 2015. Customers can take advantage of free shipping to a store or to their home.