Where Can You Find the Price of Ductwork Installation?


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While costs vary between companies, homewyse provides free, current high and low estimates based on the zip code and the linear foot measurement of the project. Users can request this estimate as a guide but can expect to pay towards the high end of the range for a qualified contractor.

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The costs included in homewyse estimates for duct installation include the ducting, labor and necessary installation supplies. The cost of the ducting includes sufficient excess for waste incurred during the project. Labor costs include all stages of the project from planning to cleanup. Installation supplies include the materials necessary to secure the ducting in place. The estimate lists the total estimated costs as well as the average cost per linear foot.

It's important to be aware of what is not included in the homewyse estimates. They do not include structural changes or updates to anything other than the ducts. General contractor fees are not part of the estimates. Purchasers are required to pay all necessary sales taxes and applicable permit or inspection fees.

The site lists a 2015 sample estimate for area code 47474 with 250 linear feet of duct installation. This ranges from $1,659.25 on the low end to $2,151.27 on the high end. All estimates and costs do vary by location.

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