How Can You Prevent and Get Rid of Cupboard Weevils?


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To prevent and get rid of cupboard weevils, kill weevils by storing infected goods in the freezer, and use airtight cupboard containers to prevent further entry. Another way to prevent weevils is to unwrap spearmint chewing gum in the cupboards.

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To get rid of cupboard weevils, place infected foods such as flour and cereal into the freezer. Keep these foods in the freezer for four days to kill weevil larvae. Store foods such as cookies, crackers, rice and other foods that do not fit into the refrigerator in zippered freezer bags for four days as well.

After four days, throw out the infected goods, and vacuum the cupboard. Be sure to vacuum corners and crevices, and discard the vacuum bag to prevent further weevil infestations. Wash the entire cupboard with hot soapy water, throw away shelf paper, and wipe down the shelves. Rinse the cupboard with water, and dry it using a clean cloth.

After drying the cupboard, spray it with an insecticide that kills weevils, and close the cupboard door. Wait six hours to put groceries back into the cupboard. Weevils dislike the smell of mint, so unwrap several spearmint gum sticks, and place them in the cupboard near foods that attract weevils. Store cereals and dry foods in airtight containers or zippered freezer bags so that weevils cannot get inside.

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