What Can You Do to Prevent Leaves Turning Brown?


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To prevent leaves of plants from turning brown, maintain good watering habits, appropriate container size and do not over fertilize, plus keep the plant free of pests and diseases. Plants' leaves browning can indicate over or under watering, constricted roots, over fertilizing, insect infestation or diseases.

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Provide the exact amount of water needed for a particular plant in order to avoid leaves turning brown. Too much water prevents oxygen from reaching the roots, resulting in brown leaves and eventual death. Fungal pathogens can also take advantage of the soggy environment and reproduce rapidly. Lack of watering causes wilting, followed by the browning of leaves, due to an inability to photosynthesize. A good way to water a plant is to flush it thoroughly, so that the water runs freely through the drainage holes.

Constricted roots prevent plants from taking in enough water. This occurs with container-grown plants and plants in the ground with too compacted soil. In case of constricted roots, replant the plant so that the roots have more room to grow or prune back the plant to reduce its water needs, while the root system recovers.

Leaves turn brown due to build up of salt from too much fertilizer, which keeps plants from absorbing water and nutrients. Minimize fertilizer, and increase water to wash away the excess salt.

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