How Can You Help Prevent Dust Accumulation in Your House?


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Prevent dust accumulation in your house by eliminating clutter, reducing the use of textiles around the house and regularly wiping surfaces using damp cloths, recommends HGtv. Using an air purifier reduces humidity and static in the house, which wards off dust mites, says Woman’sDay.

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Getting rid or clutter in your homes minimizes the nooks in which dust can accumulate. HGtv suggests keeping items such as stuffed animals and off-season clothes in plastic bins or garment bags to limit shedding and prevent the breeding of dust. Clear the floors of your closet so that you can use a vacuum cleaner or mop to spruce up the entire area during your regular cleaning.

Consider minimizing the use of textiles in your home because they disintegrate and trap dust. By using materials such as leather, plastic or wood, which are easy to clean, you can prevent dust from accumulating in the house, recommends HGtv. Use bare wood flooring and opt for scatter rugs that are washable or shorter pile carpets. By regularly changing the filters in your air conditioning system, you can minimize dust in your home.

When cleaning the house, avoid using feather dusters because they cause they aggravate and cause dust to settle in other parts of the house, says FOX News. Wipe surfaces using a moist cloth, and clean surfaces from top to bottom to ensure you capture most of the dust.

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