What Can You Do to Prevent a Child From Getting Lice at School?

Teach children to avoid sharing hair accessories and hair brushes, and keep long hair tied up whenever possible to prevent lice. When clothing, such as coats, are stored together in the classroom, wash the items frequently, and have the child avoid sharing hats or scarves while at school. Apply a commercial lice repellent spray to the child's hair daily, or make a lice repellent using tea tree essential oils.

To repel lice with tea tree oil, add 15 to 20 drops of the oil to the child's regular shampoo, shaking the bottle well after adding the oil. Another option is to add 10 drops of tea tree essential oil to one cup of conditioner, and use the conditioner as usual after washing the child's hair.

To further prevent lice, wipe the child's backpack down after school, and machine wash then tumble dry all clothing and towels that the child uses.

Check the child's hair for lice eggs, called nits, regularly during the school year by applying conditioner to wet hair then rinsing the hair so it is tangle-free before using a metal nit comb to comb the hair. If nits are present, apply the lice treatment recommended by the child's physician.