How Can You Practice Feng Shui at Home?

How Can You Practice Feng Shui at Home?

Five things to remember when practicing feng shui at home are live with what you love, simplify and organize, cleanse and circulate the energy, create a safe, healthy and comfortable environment, and create environmental affirmations. Another practice is to open your mind and have fun.

At its most basic level, feng shui is about creating a home or space that feels good, one that nurtures your mind, body and spirit. If you love everything in your home, you are practicing feng shui. Feng shui belief says that everything in your home affects you, whether positively or negatively. Look around at your belongings, including art pieces, photos, furniture and decorations. Anything that makes you irritated, depressed or anxious is affecting you negatively and should go.

Next, give your belongings the 3-fold test: Is it useful? Is it beautiful? Do I love it? If you have something that can not pass this test, get rid of it.

Choose comfortable furniture; avoid sharp edges. Use natural cleaning products, maintain houseplants and keep your windows open as much as possible. These 3 things help freshen the air you breathe. Decorate with healthy materials; consider investing in natural and organic fabrics and products. Incorporate feng sui practice gradually and keep a journal or photos to assess changes.

If you can incorporate only one change, according to Mind Body Green, let it be sweeping the front entryway to your house.