Where Can You Get a Portable Digital Scale?

Where Can You Get a Portable Digital Scale?

Cambridge Scale Works offers several types of portable digital scales for industrial use, and Mettler-Toledo International offers portable digital weighing products for a variety of applications. Global Equipment company carries common and specialized portable digital scales, and H & C Weighing Systems offers a large selection of portable digital scales at its website, AffordableScales.com. Sears also sells several different portable digital scales.

Cambridge Scale Works offers portable platform and barrel scales with digital displays. The company uses tubular stainless steel to construct its scales, and it offers scales with up to a 2,500-pound capacity. The low-profile Model PB-P series is suitable for light industrial applications, including use in shipping and receiving areas, weighing people and weighing baggage. Customers can request information and product brochures via the company website or by telephone.

Mettler-Toledo International sells battery-powered mobile bench scales, mobile floor scales and pallet truck scales with built-in weighing technology. The company provides portable digital scales for laboratory, retail and industrial applications. Customers can request quotes and information via telephone or the company website.

Global Equipment Company offers a large selection of small portable digital scales from Ohaus, as well as portable drum and floor scales for industrial use. The company also sells Brecknell brand-name portable beam digital scales, wheelchair ramp scales, a portable digital chair scale and digital hanging scales. Customers can order scales online or via telephone.

AffordableScales.com sells small brand-name portable digital scales from Ohaus, Adam Equipment, Brecknell and others. The company offers portable digital scales for medical and industrial use, including pallet truck scales, drum scales, wheelchair scales and more.