Where Can You Find Popcorn Machine Parts?


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Replacement parts for popcorn machines can be found on the machine manufacturer's website. For example, Paragon's website ManufacteredFun.com has replacement parts for its popcorn machines including lamps, kettles and motors. You can sometimes buy replacement parts for the machine from the store you purchased it from. Some popcorn makers, especially commercial ones, include a limited or lifetime warranty for any defective parts.

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Commercial popcorn manufacturers often include a warranty and provide replacement parts free of charge. Home popcorn makers may also have a limited warranty either through the manufacturer or the store that they were purchased from. Confirm whether the machine can still be repaired or replaced, because undertaking home repair on a machine may void the warranty.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, home popcorn makers have declined in popularity, with microwavable popcorn becoming more common. Commercial popcorn makers are still often used in movie theaters and carnivals.

Commercial popcorn makers most often make popcorn in hot oil, while home popcorn machines may use hot air, significantly reducing the number of calories and fat in the popcorn as well as reducing the environmental impact. This kind of popcorn maker was originally introduced in 1978 by the company Presto, when it was called the Popcorn Pumper.

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