How Can a Polyester Couch Be Cleaned?

can-polyester-couch-cleaned Credit: Steven Taylor/Photographer's Choice/Getty Images

Polyester couches can be cleaned by using a combination of polyester cleaner, small amounts of water and gentle scrubbing motions. While polyester is generally able to stand up to a lot of pressure, it is sometimes mixed with cotton, which can be difficult to clean without causing damage to the upholstery.

Since polyester and cotton are both washable fabrics, the covers of the cushions on the couch can be removed and can be washed in a washing machine safely. They should only be washed on a gentle cycle and the water should be set to a simple warm temperature to prevent them from shrinking and becoming extremely damaged. The rest of the couch should be cleaned with a mild detergent polyester cleaner. It can generally be air dried as long as too much water was not used and the couch was not completely saturated.

It is important for any couch owner to know the fabric that their couch is made of and to understand how that fabric needs to be cleaned. This will ensure that the fabrics that the couch is made up of are not ruined. Some fabrics, such as silk and microfiber, require special cleaning procedures that are much different than those used with polyester or cotton couches.