How Can You Get Pollen Out of a Swimming Pool?

Most of the time, eliminating pollen from your pool involves using basic cleaning tools you already own. If the particles are small, adding aluminum sulfate binds them together and makes them easier to remove. When using these chemicals, wait a few hours for them to work.

  1. Filter the water

    The pool's filtering system helps to keep pollen in the water to a minimum. Be sure to backwash or clean the filter regularly to remove any pollen accumulation.

  2. Scrub the Walls

    Use your pool wall scrubber to remove any pollen that is stuck to the walls.

  3. Skim the pool

    Attach a pair of old pantyhose over the frame of the skimmer. The finer weave of the fabric helps to catch the small grains that normally escape through the larger mesh of the skimmer net.

  4. Add the binder

    Follow the manufacturer's directions, and add the aluminum sulfate. Allow the product to bind pollen together, and skim the pool again.

  5. Shock the pool

    Pollen is an organic material that provides food for the algae living in the pool. If the water isn't clear after filtering and skimming it, use a pool shock product. Wait the specified amount of time after the shock before using the pool again.

  6. Cover the pool

    Keep the pool covered when not in use in order to decrease the amount of time you spend cleaning it. The cover keeps all the pollen out of the water except that which accumulates when the pool is in use.