What Can a Pneumatech Air Dryer Do?


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Pneumatech air dryers remove humidity from compressed air systems in an industrial setting, and some models provide refrigeration. Users can also apply filters to remove contaminants from the air.

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Pneumatech's air dryers help to protect against pollution, corrosion, freezing of water and leakage within the air net while keeping tools and equipment working efficiently. The company's refrigerated dryers cool the air in a compressed air system while removing condensation, and available styles include AD non-cycling dryers, AC cycling dryers and ADA high-temperature dryers. Pneumatech's desiccant dryers are built to prevent ice from forming in the applications when the ambient temperature falls below freezing. Buyers can choose from PH heatless dryers, PHM mini heatless dryers, PE heated dryers, PHC heat of compression dryers and PB blower purge dryers.

In addition to air dryers, Pneumatech offers gas generators, condensate management products and compressed air filters to complement the system. Gas generators reduce nitrogen and oxygen costs while eliminating the need to handle cylinders, reducing labor costs. Condensate management products help to drain the water and treat it before it is discarded, and options include oil water separators, water chillers, pump skids, closed loop liquid coolers and air-cooled after-coolers. Buyers can also find standard and high-efficiency filters that include flanged filters, threaded filters and carbon towers.

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