How Can You Plan a Fireplace Makeover?

How Can You Plan a Fireplace Makeover?

To plan a fireplace makeover, first decide how you want the fireplace to look. Identify the structural and aesthetic changes that you want to make. Write down everything needed to complete the project, and buy the materials.

  1. Identify the desired end result

    Examine the fireplace, and decide what you want to change. Cut out pictures from magazines, or print off pictures from the Internet to use for inspiration.

  2. Plan structural changes

    Decide what structural changes are necessary to achieve the end result. Consider common makeover steps, such as building out the mantel or adding a raised hearth. Print out a picture of the fireplace, and sketch in the design. If you have the construction or stonework abilities, draw up plans that include exact measurements. Alternately, hire a construction professional.

  3. Plan aesthetic changes

    Once you know how to achieve the desired structure, identify the aesthetic changes you want to make. Choose paint colors and tile styles that fit your decor. If you are building additional features, choose wood finishes and brick colors. Use paint swatches or material samples to test colors, and write down the exact names and product numbers.

  4. Buy materials and tools

    Look over the structural and aesthetic plans, and make a list of all the tools and supplies needed for each step. Include tools such as paint rollers, sponges and trowels. Mark the items you have on hand. Borrow or buy all other supplies, and set them near the fireplace to enable easy access during the makeover