How Can You Get a Free Plan Download for an Adirondack Chair?

How Can You Get a Free Plan Download for an Adirondack Chair? offers free downloadable plans for Adirondack chairs through its website if the user supplies an email address to the company to receive promotional items from the publication. Other websites offer Adirondack chairs that can be viewed online, emailed, saved to your computer or printed.

Certain downloads require you have specific software to view the woodworking plans, such as Adobe Reader. The basic tools needed for most plans are a drill and a miter or circular saw. Plan authors determine the cuts of lumber and hardware needed to build their specific chairs. In general, Adirondack chairs are armchairs made of wooden slats where the backrest slopes at an obtuse angle. Most chairs sit low to the ground.

The plans available online for Adirondack chairs vary in complexity, size and design. Some plans offer very detailed instructions and cut lists, while others can be general. It's important to decide your personal preferences, such as whether the chair needs to recline or if it is mostly decorative or utilitarian. and also offer step-by-step instructions on how to build an Adirondack chair.

Adirondack chairs are most often used outdoors, which means using a pre-treated lumber for the construction; alternatively, sealing the chair afterward helps prevent wood rot.