Where Can I Find Pictures of Roses?


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Pictures of roses are available in the gallery section of the website of the American Rose Society. For photos of antique and unusual rose colors, visit Heirloom Roses.

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The rose is a perennial plant of the genus Rosa and includes over a hundred species. Roses are primarily bred for ornamental purposes, for commercial perfumes and for minor medicinal uses. The rose is native only to Asia but has spread to Africa, North America and Europe and is a recognized symbol of beauty, love, politics and war. In the African country of Zambia, almost 80 percent of the land is dominated by rose cultivation.

In planting and growing roses, it is necessary to choose varieties that are appropriate for the climate. Roses can usually withstand temperatures of around 20 degrees Fahrenheit, but in regions prone to harsher winters, hardier varieties, such as Rugosa, Canadian Explorer, and Griffith Buck, usually thrive. They are easy to grow and bloom, making them perfect for novice gardeners.

Whether planted in containers or with bare roots, roses must be sown at the appropriate depth. In climates with milder winters, it is possible to plant the roses' bud onions on a soil level, but varieties that have no bud onions must be planted at the same depth as those planted in a nursery.

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